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2022 Monarch Pinot Noir

2022 Monarch Pinot Noir

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Our Heritage Vineyards, including Durell, Gap’s Crown, and Walala, are the cornerstone of exceptional pinot noir and chardonnay. These renowned sites have become iconic vineyards in California, showcasing their legacy and greatness. At Three Sticks, amongst select producers, honor their history while forging a path of continued success for future generations crafting beautiful wines.


The symphony of our Heritage collection of wines is our Monarch Pinot Noir. This wine is a harmonious blend crafted from the finest grapes across all six of our estate vineyards located throughout the varied landscapes of Sonoma County. Named in honor of the enchanting Monarch butterflies, this pinot noir is more than a wine; it reflects the breathtaking terroir and the magic that defines our vineyards from the perspective of our incredible winemaking team.


In 2022, we saw a continuation of the drought in CA, with warm weather, early bloom, and long, slow flowering. Some of our vineyard blocks that flowered during the cold stretch did not set as much fruit as typical, so we saw lower yields for the year. While this isn't ideal from a quantity standpoint, quality was great, and things began moving along quickly. We started harvest in mid-August, a week or two earlier than "normal," and as we approached Labor Day, we saw a heat wave on the horizon. We were in a good spot and could bring in much of our fruit before the heat. The grapes we let hang through the heat were still a ways away from being ready to harvest. In recent years we have been leaving more leaves on the vines to help shade and keep the fruit on the vines from being scorched by the sun. This decision helped us this year in particular. After the heat, temperatures cooled in the region, and we were able to bring in the rest of our fruit in the weeks following. All in all, we are very happy with the quality of this vintage and thankful for our team rallying during this intense time of year.


The wine unfolds with black cherry and cranberry notes as you journey through each sip, painting a vivid picture of the region’s vibrant fruit offerings. The richness of cardamom spice adds depth, infused with sweet red and purple fruit. The wine’s creamy texture delivers a warm embrace as you savor each nuanced layer, wrapping you in a smooth finish.


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