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2021 Cuvée Eva Marie Pinot Noir 3L

2021 Cuvée Eva Marie Pinot Noir 3L

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Our Cuvée Eva Marie is a wine that transcends tradition and embodies our winemaking artistry. With over 60 lots sampled from the previous year, our winemaking team chooses the most exceptional ones to compose a blend that accentuates the unique qualities of each. The final step is selecting the best barrels from each of those lots to blend and create the Cuvée Eva Marie Pinot Noir.

The term “cuvée” means a blend, and in the case of Cuvée Eva Marie, it signifies the harmonious combination of our vineyards, resulting in a wine of unparalleled distinction. A masterpiece of craftsmanship and, more importantly, a love letter to Bill Price’s wife, Eva, this pinot noir overflows with elegance. It is the most iconic in our portfolio and, therefore, warrants its own collection and its own special bottle. Welcome, the Icon Collection.


The 2021 vintage began with a very dry winter making early irrigation in the vineyards necessary to counteract the lack of rain. With cooler weather around budbreak and flowering, we saw a fair amount of fluctuation in the timing and development of the grapes. This led to highly variable yields at harvest, which kept our winegrowing team on their toes. Harvest got underway on the last day of August and continued throughout September at a steady, methodical pace. Overall, the fruit was quite enticing, with medium to full body and particularly impressive tannin structures on the Pinots.


A rich and complex nose sets the stage where density is the name of the game. Blackberry and Malabar plum, with a subtle hint of anise that adds intrigue. The rich and lengthy tannins support the luxurious mid-palate, creating a wine that lingers.


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