2016 Durell Vineyard Pinot Noir Image

2016 Durell Vineyard Pinot Noir

The Durell Vineyard Pinot Noir is always a favorite around the winery with its wonderful mix of juiciness and spice.   It again seduces with notes of ripe raspberry, sasparilla and hints of fresh earthiness.  On the palate, the wine explodes with velvetty sweetness and is nuanced with some wonderful hints of caramel, toasty vanilla bean and damson plum.  Like we've seen in the past, the wine is very expressive and delicious early on in its lift.  We've found that the Durell is one of those wines that shows so many characteristics throughout its lifecycle.  Upon release, the wine will be so generous with the wonderful ripe fruit and as it ages, the fruit will slowly move to the backseat while the more earthy qualities start to peak out and add additional aspects to this beautiful wine. 

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Three Clones from different blocks makeup this estate wine: Clone 667: The steep slop falls mainly east, on the terraces of Durell. The rows run down-hill from west to east, capturing the afternoon sun evenly over the vines often yielding the ripest fruit in our blend. Strong vines thrive on varied soil but maintain decent size and canopy. Structure, texture and dark fruit are the characteristics contributed by this block. Clone 115: Located on terraced rows that run north-south. The exposure is east and the block is the first to see the morning sun, missing sunset. It’s warmer than the other two blocks, as well as being the last place fog burns off in the entire valley. The soil is heavier here; it’s rocky and shallow. This is the true intersection of warmer valley floor influences and cooler coast characteristics. This block contributes raciness and spice to our Durell Pinot. Clone 777: Selected for the soil, light soil with red volcanic deposits, this block falls on the western side of Durell. It’s a cool, windy spot where air pools and winds are channeled down the small sub-valley of Durell. Small, controlled vines provide strength and structure to our Durell Pinot.
2016 was a relatively smooth year that unfolded at a steady pace and with mild temperatures. While we didn’t have many exceptionally hot days, it was one of the earlier harvests on our record. Flowering and fruit set beautifully and yields were above normal, which was a nice change from previous years. We harvested our first grapes in mid-August, and had picked about 25% of our Pinot Noir and then a sudden cool spell arrived. This allowed cooler climate vineyards that had yet to be harvested to remain on the vine longer and develop deep and expressive flavors. The berries were smaller and heartier than normal which resulted in great depth of color and structure. We are extremely excited by the 2016s - they are something special! Pretty, expressive, and pleasurable.
Pinot Noir
Sonoma Coast
115, 667, 777
Cobbley clay loam, volcanic, rocky loam
Total Acidity
6.1 g/L
15 months in 100% French Oak, 57% New
12 days in open top fermentors
Alcohol %
492 Cases