2015 Durell Vineyard ORIGIN Chardonnay Image

2015 Durell Vineyard ORIGIN Chardonnay

Our purest expression of Durell Vineyard Chardonnay is back! The “Origin” shares time in concrete eggs and stainless steel barrels which adds a wonderful balance to this unique style of Chardonnay. A rising trend in the wine world, concrete eggs lure out a rich texture that coats your palate, despite the absence of oak. Aging sur lies in stainless steel barrels compliments this technique, allowing the wine to retain its innate brightness and liveliness. With this vintage, Bob added a new aromatic clone, taking advantage of the diverse expressions of Chardonnay that Durell grows so well. These components combine to create depth and richness while highlighting the source of this wine, its superlative fruit.

Released February 7th, 2017 

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“Old Wente 5”: A block on a Northwestern-facing slope. The grapes on this slope are among the last to be picked and bask in the warm afternoon sunshine. The soil is light in color and texture. Grapes from this site give us wines with ripe flavor and lively acidity. V9: This Vineyard block is one of the rockiest and windiest areas of Durell. The rocks absorb and radiate warmth to provide slow and even ripening. Grapes from this area give us wines with broad flavor and stony minerality.
The 2015 vintage proceeded with dry weather, extending our drought for its fourth year. Warm weather started the year, which caused early flowering mirroring the previous couple of growing seasons. In spring the climate changed dramatically, heavy winds and cool spells hit the valley. The effects of this weather pattern caused fruit set to be extremely variable and by July we were ready for harvest. We picked earlier than ever and received our grapes into the cellar by August. Overall, the effect of our early budbreak and resulting weather was that our yields were down 25%. While this isn’t great for the amount of wine we can produce, what was left for us turned out to be fantastic. Small, concentrated berries allowed us to create richly flavored and textured wines. Like many things in life, the 2015 vintage demonstrated the beauty of the adage “less is more”.
Sonoma Coast
Vineyard Designation
Durell Vineyard
Total Acidity
6.2 g/L
11 months in 50% Stainless Steel, 50% Concrete Eggs
Concrete Eggs
Alcohol %
398 cases
Release Date
August 15, 2017